About the BFC

Several years ago I had the privilege to work with some of the most creative people I’ve ever known. We worked well as a team, and felt that the material we produced was better for the collaborative and supportive work environment which nurtured our creativity. Our work area was lively place, bubbling with conversation and ideas.

So of course, the powers that be had to take the entire department, move it across the street to a building full of engineers and scatter the individual team members to the winds. This was Building Five, a hostile and foreign land where ideas would go to die. Shortly after arriving a series of bizarre and almost unbelievable events triggered the creation of the original Building 5 Chronicles in which we covered such topics as cubicle farms tumbleweeds, and pondered the nature of exactly what caused the horrible stench emanating from one of the locked “shred” bins at the end of the hallway.

While those original musings, rants and outrages are long gone, the new BFC will carry on the legacy inspired by the question uttered so often throughout the corporate world: “What the FUCK?!?” …


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